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Form Edit Code Dialog

Design Window/Code shows this dialog.

This dialog helps you define and edit verbs in the script that handle events.

The button event type lists the ids of controls that cause button events.

Items are indented if a verb is not defined for that event.

Double-click an item in the listbox to activate the script with the caret located at the verb. If there is no definition, a default definition is added. Ctrl+click the script to return to the form editor.

The fkey event type lists keys that cause events. Alphabetic and numeric keys with Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift as well as function keys cause events. Fkey events Ctrl+Z,X,C, or V are not supported. Menu shortcuts are handled as fkey events.

The other event type lists general form events.

The orphan event type lists verbs defined in the script for which there is no control that would cause the event. For example, create a button and create a handler verb in the script, then delete the button.

Ctrl+click a control, a menu item, or the script to switch between the script and the form editor.

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