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Starting Windows Jwdp

You should normally run Jwdw (blue J icon) as it has the following advantages over Jwdp:
1. supports OCX and OLE automation (not available in Jwdp)
2. don't need to install/maintain Java Runtime Environment
3. will run applications developed in Jwdp
4. can develop apps for Jwdp by simply avoiding Windows only features

You may want to run Jwdp to see more closely how your application will look in Unix, or to check more carefully that it really is portable, or just because you are curious.

To run Jwdp you need to have the Java Runtime Environment or the Java SDK installed (version 1.4 or later, available at the Sun web site).

The easiest way to create a Jwdp icon is to make a copy of the blue J icon and then edit the properties:

1. from the J program group create a blue J icon on your desktop
2. select blue J icon
3. ctrl+c then ctrl+v to create a copy on the desktop
3. right click new icon, click rename, and edit name to add jwdp
4. right click new icon and click properties
5. edit Target to have the following command line:
       javaw.exe -Xss6000000 -jar bin\j.jar
6. click Change Icon and select bin\icons\jred.ico in the J directory

One way this can fail is that the correct javaw.exe is not found in your path. Find the correct javaw.exe and edit Target. For example:
      "c:\program files\java\jre1.4.2_09\bin\javaw.exe" -Xss6000000 -jar bin\j.jar

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