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Script Documentation

System scripts are documented in comments in the scripts themselves. The scriptdoc utility can be used to view the documentation. To load enter:

   load 'scriptdoc'

To view script documentation, e.g. for dates, enter:

   scriptdoc 'dates'

Documentation Conventions
The following conventions are used to document J system scripts, and are recognized by the scriptdoc utility.

Scripts are documented in comment lines (i.e. lines beginning with NB.). Multi-line comments are consecutive lines beginning with NB. with no break. The first line of a multi-line comment is used for summary documentation.

The script itself is documented at the beginning. The first line describes the script, i.e

NB. script description...

Definitions produced by the script are documented in comments where the first comment line begins NB.* and has the form:

NB.*name type description

where type is a single letter:

a adverb
c conjunction
n noun
v verb

The rest of a multi-line comment for a definition is free form, however, conventionally it may include lines beginning:


describes the usage of the definition, e.g

NB. form:  calendar year [,months]


example, e.g.

NB. example:
NB. todate 72460
NB. 1998 5 23
Other NB. comment lines in the script are ignored for documentation purposes.

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