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Starting J - Profile Errors

JFE loads profile.ijs which in turn loads several other scripts. A profile error can be difficult to debug.

In jconsole you see the error but have no information on which script has the error.

In jwd there probably isn't even an ijx window to show the error so all you see is a message box:

   Error and no IDE window for debugging.
Debugging profile errors can be difficult, but the following steps may help.

1. Start jwd or jconsole with -jprofile. This will give a bare bones ijx window in which to track down the error.

2. BINPATH_z_ is the full path to the profile.ijs to load. First make sure that it exists.

3. Define DISPLAYLOAD_j_ as 1 before loading profile so that scripts are reported as as they are loaded.
4. Use a texteditor to examine the script with the error and fix it.

5. DISPLAYLOAD_j_ as 1 will report scripts as they are loaded by require and load. Setting it to 0 stops the reporting.

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