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Window Controls Overview

Windows supports several types of graphic controls that can be included in the user interface. All these controls are accessed using the Window Driver.

This chapter describes each control, plus other Window Driver commands used in developing user interfaces. For an example illustrating the main types of control, run menu Studio|Demos|controls

All controls are displayed in a window called the parent window. The parent window is created first, and controls are then added to it. The controls in a parent window are referred to as child controls.

The parent window and child controls have names, referred to as their ids, that are set when created. These start with an alphabetic character and consist of alphanumeric characters. Ids are case-sensitive and can be up to 31 characters. For example:

   wd 'pc abc'
creates a parent window with id abc.

Several parent windows may be created at a time. Only one parent window may be selected at a time: wd 'psel abc' selects the parent with id abc. The wd commands affect the selected parent.

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