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Lab Program Access

The verb lab in locale j runs the lab system. It is invoked by selecting the lab menu items in the Studio menu; and by pressing the lab advance shortcut when a lab has been loaded.

lab can also be called under program control as described below, and this can be helpful when creating and testing a lab. If you are using lab in this way, you may want to define lab_z_=. lab_j_ to remove the need for the locale reference.

The form is:

lab ''

Lab dialog for files in system\extras\labs directory. Invoked by menu item Studio|Labs...

lab 0 [,num]

Show next Lab Section (or section num). Invoked by menu item Studio|Advance, or by the corresponding shortcut key.

lab 1

Show jump dialog Invoked by menu item Studio|Jump...

lab 2

Run Lab Author Invoked by menu item Studio|Author...

lab 'directory'

Show lab dialog for files with extension .ijt in given directory.

lab 'filename'[;num]

Invoke lab on given file (at chapter num)

Note that you can run any file as a lab file, e.g.

   lab 'system\extras\labs\labintro.txt'

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