Welcome to Jsoftware

J is a modern, high-level, general-purpose, high-performance programming language. J is portable and runs on Windows, Unix, Mac, and PocketPC handhelds, both as a GUI and in a console. True 64-bit J systems are available for XP64 or Linux64, on AMD64 or Intel EM64T platforms. J systems can be installed and distributed for free.

Why J?

J is particularly strong in the mathematical, statistical, and logical analysis of data. It is a powerful tool in building new and better solutions to old problems and even better at finding solutions where the problem is not already well understood.

J systems have:

  • an integrated development environment
  • standard libraries, utilities, and packages
  • a form designer for your application forms
  • an event-driven graphical user interface to your application
  • interfaces with other programming languages and applications
  • integrated 2d and 3d graphics
  • memory mapped files for high performance data applications
“If you are interested in programming solutions to challenging data processing problems, then the time you invest in learning J will be well spent.”

Representative Users

The following are a few of the corporate and academic institutions that use J:

Cognos · Bayesian Enhanced Strategic Trading · Fax Focus, Inc. · Hewlett Packard · Intel · Korea Telecom · Luen Thai · Maple Partners · Microsoft · Niagara Mohawk Power · Nikko Securities · Novell · Okada Denki Co. Ltd. · Pivotal Technologies · Syngenesis, Inc.

Duke University · Harvard School of Public Health · Keio University · Lafayette College · Penn State University · Rochester Institute of Technology · Thompson Rivers University · Trinity University · University of Alberta · UCLA · University of Florida · University of Haifa · University of Houston · University of Iowa · University of Massachusetts (Amherst) · University of Wisconsin