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Ops are executed by jd (jd'...') and can run in the user Jd task or on a server Jd task. Ops are documented in the following 10 families.

info - info list

read - read reads readtc

change - delete insert modify update

manage - createcol createdb createtable createptable dropcol dropdb dropfilesize droptable renamecol renametable

dynamic - createdynamic createhash createunique dropdynamic ref reference

csv - csvcdefs csvdump csvrd csvreport csvrestore csvwr

table-table - tableappend tablecopy tableinsert tablemove

misc - close flush gen get loadcustom option set validate
Some ops include an example that can run in your current session (examples save/restore current jdaccess). jdex_jd_'' NB. list ops with example ... jdex_jd_'insert'
Tutorials show Jd in action. jdrt_jd_'' NB. list tutorials ... jdrt_jd_'intro'

Alphabetical list of all ops.

close createcol createdb createdynamic createhash createptable createtable createunique csvcdefs csvdump csvrd csvreport csvrestore csvwr delete dropcol dropdb dropdynamic dropfilesize droptable flush gen get info insert list loadcustom modify option read reads readtc ref reference renamecol renametable set tableappend tablecopy tableinsert tablemove update validate