Welcome to the Jsoftware wiki. See About for an overview of the wiki and how to edit the pages.

Showcase - Showcase of J in action

  • Essays: More text than code, these articles help you learn to think in J

  • Puzzles: Problems to exhibit & strengthen your J muscles

  • Articles: A collection of published articles on J

  • Books: Books on J

  • Gallery: J graphics gallery

  • Studio: Basic examples of J code

For New Users

Guides - FAQs, How-tos, etc.

Library - J code library

  • JAL: J Application Library: System Library and Addons

  • Scripts: miscellaneous script files

  • Phrases: useful J expressions to use in your programs.

  • Work In Progress: any code currently under development

System - System documentation, feature requests, etc.

Community - J User Community

Home Page: www.jsoftware.com

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