This is the old J wiki, which is now read only.

The new wiki is at as from 20 September 2015.

Welcome to the Jsoftware wiki. See About for an overview of the wiki and how to edit the pages.

Showcase - Showcase of J in action

  • Essays: More text than code, these articles help you learn to think in J

  • Puzzles: Problems to exhibit & strengthen your J muscles

  • Articles: A collection of published articles on J

  • Books: Books on J

  • Gallery: J graphics gallery

  • Studio: Basic examples of J code

For New Users

Guides - FAQs, How-tos, etc.

Library - J code library

  • JAL: J Application Library: System Library and Addons

  • Scripts: miscellaneous script files

  • Phrases: useful J expressions to use in your programs.

  • Work In Progress: any code currently under development

System - System documentation, feature requests, etc.

Community - J User Community

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