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Starting J - Details

profile sequence

JFE loads profile which in turn loads several other files to initialize your J session. Foreign 4!:3 returns script names in the order they were loaded. This can be a powerful tool in understanding the initialization process.

Start Jconsole and see what scripts are loaded.

J Front End initialization sentence

JFE runs a first sentence that defines BINPATH_z_ and ARGV_z and performs other required initialization (such as loading J profile).

BINPATH_z_ is set as the full path to the J bin folder.

ARGV_z_ is set as list of boxed string parameters from the command line.

The load of a script is done with an unamed verb (3 : '0!:0 y') so that =. is local to the verb.

The sentence always ends with:

[A[B indicates this standard ending in the following examples.

Without -jprofile the first sentence has the form:
(3 : '0!:0 y')<BINPATH,'\profile.ijs'[A[B

With -jprofile F:
(3 : '0!:0 y')2{ARGV[A[B

Jconsole with just -jprofile:
i.0 0[A[B

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