Empty Array Jokes
Eugene McDonnell

Customer:    I’d like to have strawberries without cream.
Waiter:  We haven’t any cream.
Customer:  Do you have any yogurt?
Waiter:  Sure, we have yogurt.
Customer:  Okay, I’ll have them without yogurt.
Lady:  What price are your pork chops?
Butcher:  $5.98 per pound.
Lady:  That’s outrageous! Mr. Schmidt, down the street, charges only $3.98 per pound.
Butcher:  Why don’t you buy them from Mr. Schmidt, then?
Lady:  He’s all out of them today.
Butcher:  Lady, when I’m all out of chops, I charge only $2.98 for them.
Archaeologist:  I have made an astounding discovery! On the basis of my investigation of the pyramid of Cheops, I find that the ancient Egyptians knew all about wireless radio.
Reporter:  That’s astounding! How did you determine that?
Archaeologist:  In all my investigations, I never found any wire.

First appeared in APL Quote-Quad, Volume 12, Number 2, 1981-12; APL Quote-Quad, Volume 13, Number 2, 1982-12.

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