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Form Edit Menu Dialog

Design Window/Menu shows this dialog. Edit the definition and press OK or Apply to recreate the form.

A popup menu item definition has just a caption. For example:

A command menu item definition has an id, caption, and optional shortcut, tooltip, and statushelp. For example:
idopen caption _ shortcut _ statushelp _ tooltip

The _ character separates fields that may contain blanks. The shortcut appears at the right side of the menu list. The tooltip does not affect the menu, but a toolbar button with the same id will show the tooltip when the mouse rests on the button. The statushelp shows in the statusbar when the mouse is on the menu item.

+ ends a popup menu, - is a separator. and & underlines the next character.

For example:
new &New
open &Open _ Ctrl+O _ tool tip _ status help text
idquit Quit
idhelp &Contents

Use the mouse to show the menu on the form. Press Ctrl and select a menu item to go to the code in the script for that event.

Use the Code Dialog to define verbs for menu ids and shortcuts. A menu shortcut usually calls the verb defined for the menu id. For example, shortcut Ctrl+O could define a handler for fkey 'o ctrl' that called formid_idopen_button.

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