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Printing from J is handled by the print package. Load with:

   load 'print'

This defines utilities in the jprint locale, plus the following user definitions:


print text


print file


print text in 2-up mode


print file in 2-up mode

verb: print

form: opt print data

where opt is an optional list separated by semicolons:

ascii [1|0]

set ascii box-drawing characters on|off

font fontspec

set font

fontsize points

set fontsize


set filename text


fit text to page width

header text

set header text

footer text

set footer text

land | landscape

set landscape mode (default is portrait)


add ruler to top of each page (use with fixed pitch font)

verb: printfile

form: opt printfile files

Options are as for print, except the filename is set automatically

verbs : print2 printfile2

These verbs are the same as print and printfile, except that the page is printing in landscape mode, 2 pages per sheet. For example, this is good for printing script files.

Options are as for print, except that fit, land and landscape are ignored, and there is a new option:


set columns, default 80

Default fonts and options can be set in menu Edit|Configure|Print.

The font for 2-up printing should be fixed pitch and around 7-7.5 point. "Lucida Console" 7.25 bold is good if available - use oem if your printer supports it, else ansi.

The ruler option uses the current session box-drawing characters. Choose a box-drawing font, or include the 'ascii' option.


  'font arial 12;land;footer just testing' print i.3 4 5
  'ascii;font "courier new" 14' print ;/i.3 4 5
  'fontsize 7.5;land;ruler' printfile 'system\examples\data\orders.prn'
  printfile2 'system\main\pack.ijs'

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