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This documents the standard library that is loaded by default in J8.

Source scripts are under the main folder of the base8 subversion repository.


android.ijs android utilities
break.ijs break utilities
colib.ijs class/object library
compare.ijs comparison utilities
coutil.ijs class/object utilities
dates.ijs date and time utilities
debug.ijs debug utilities
dir.ijs directory utilities
dll.ijs utilities for calling DLLs
files.ijs file utilities
jade.ijs J session utilities
jal.ijs jal utilities
stdlib.ijs core utilities
strings.ijs string utilities
sysenv.ijs system environment utilities
text.ijs text utilities
unxlib.ijs common shared library for UNIX


A abspath, adverb, AND, anddf, andunzip, apply, assert
B bind, boxopen, boxxopen, break, bx
C calendar, cd, cdcb, cder, cderx, cdf, charsub, chopstring, clear, coclass, cocreate, cocurrent, codestroy, coerase, cofind, cofindv, cofullname, coinfo, coinsert, compare, coname, conames, conew, conjunction, conl, conouns, conounsx, copath, copathnl, copathnlx, coreset, costate, CR, CRLF, cut, cutLF, cutopen, cutpara, cuts
D datatype, dbctx, dberm, dberr, dbg, dbhelp, dbjmp, dblocals, dblxq, dblxs, dbnxt, dbq, dbr, dbret, dbrr, dbrrx, dbrun, dbs, dbsig, dbsq, dbss, dbst, dbstack, dbstk, dbstop, dbstopme, dbstopnext, dbstops, dbtrace, dbview, deb, Debug, def, define, DEL, delstring, dfh, dir, dircompare, dircompares, dirfind, dirpath, dirss, dirssrplc, dirtree, dirused, dlb, dltb, dltbs, do, dquote, drop, dropafter, dropto, dtb, dtbs, dyad
E each, EAV, echo, EMPTY, empty, endian, Endian, erase, every, evtloop, exit, expand
F fappend, fappends, fapplylines, fboxname, fc, fcompare, fcompares, fcopynew, fdir, ferase, fetch, fexist, FF, fgets, FHS, file2url, fixdotdot, fliprgb, fmakex, foldpara, foldtext, fpathcreate, fpathname, fread, freadblock, freadr, freads, frename, freplace, fsize, fss, fssrplc, fstamp, fstringreplace, ftype, fview, fwrite, fwrite, fwrites
G getalpha, getargs, getdate, getenv, getqtbin
H hfd, hostpathsep
I ic, IF64, IFDEF, IFIOS, IFJA, IFJHS, IFQT, IFRASPI, IFUNIX, IFWIN, IFWINCE, IFWINE, IFWOW64, install, inv, inverse, iospath, isatty, isotimestamp, isutf16, isutf8, items
J JB01, JBOXED, JCHAR, JCHAR2, JCHAR4, JCMPX, jcwdpath, JFL, JINT, joinstring, jpath, jpathsep, JPTR, JSB, JSIZES, JSTR, JSTR2, JSTR4, jsystemdefs, JTYPES
L leaf, LF, LF2, list, ljust, load, loadd
M mema, memf, memr, memw, monad
N nameclass, namelist, names, nc, nl, Note, noun
O on, OR
P pick
Q quote
R require, rjust, rows, rplc
S script, scriptd, scripts, setalpha, setbreak, show, sign, sminfo, smoutput, sort, split, splitnostring, splitstring, ss, stderr, stdin, stdout, stringreplace, symdat, symget, symset
T TAB, table, take, takeafter, taketo, timespacex, timestamp, timex, tmoutput, toCRLF, todate, todayno, toHOST, toJ, tolist, tolower, topara, toupper, tsdiff, tsrep, tstamp, type
U ucp, ucpcount, UNAME, UNXLIB, unxlib, usleep, utf8, uucp
V valdate, verb
W wcsize, weekday, weeknumber, weeksinyear, winpathsep
X xedit, XOR

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