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Find in Files

Ctrl+Shift+F or menu item Edit|Find in Files starts the Find in Files utility

You can search for simple text, or more complicated patterns with a Regular expression. The Regex button selects the regular expression search; this is automatically enabled when you use the Insert button to insert components that match certain characters, strings, or J-related strings. You can also search in specific contexts, such as assignment or use of names.

If you have projects created by the Project Manager, Find in Files loads with the current Project files in the search path. You can select other projects to search.

If Find in Files is open and you change the current Project in Project Manager, the change is not reflected immediately in Find in Files. To change to the new Project, select menu Options|Refresh Project.

Otherwise, you can search through folders. In this case, you can specify the file types to search, and the folders to search. Customize these by pressing the buttons next to the selection boxes.

Run a search by pressing Enter or Find.

Open a file by putting the caret on a line and pressing Open.

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